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Fluoride – Why is it important?

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Poor old fluoride, the naturally occurring mineral has received some bad press in recent years, from being linked to cancer to even government mind control. Ultimately, no substantial amount of research has solidified these claims, especially compared to the research conducted proving its benefits. What both sides can agree on is that a mass amount of fluoride can be detrimental, however, in moderation, fluoride is paramount for oral health, and therefore health overall.

Fluoride is found in rock, air, soil, plants and water, both fresh and sea. Where we most often find fluoride is in our toothpastes, gels and mouth rinses. This is because fluoride is necessary to protect the teeth from decay, so much so that water fluoridation is recommended by leading national and international health organisations.

Tooth decay occurs when acid attacks the surface of the tooth and fluoride repairs any damage before it becomes serious, so the fluoride in your drinking water is like a constant ‘repair kit’ for your teeth. Teeth are the only part of the body that cannot heal itself! So protection is vital!

Low levels of fluoride are also extremely beneficial at stages in your life when your teeth are most vulnerable to decay, particularly in early childhood. At the same time, too much fluoride at an early age can cause fluorosis, which causes pearly, white stains or flecks on the surface of the teeth. If you’re an adult, your teeth are not at risk. If you have kids, be sure to purchase and use the correct toothpaste that advertises low levels of fluoride.

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