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Foods that stain your teeth

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Nobody wants yellow and discoloured teeth. While you can opt for a teeth-whitening treatment, there may be some lifestyle changes you should also consider to keep your teeth pearly white. For instance, some of the foods that you eat could be leaving your teeth less than desirable.

Coffee We’ve got bad news for all of you who are reliant on that morning buzz to get you through the day, the great taste and abilities instilled in coffee are actually doing your teeth a lot of harm. The great tasting morning boost contains tannic acid which is responsible for that beautiful dark colour. Unfortunately for your teeth though, tannic acid fits itself in the grooves of your tooth enamel, eventually staining them brown. So in short, it may be time to give up coffee, or at least reduce your intake.

Curry While a great flavour that is prominent in Indian cuisines, flavoured curry additives are not so great for your teeth. A small tip when choosing a curry; the more yellow the sauce, the more damage it will do to your teeth. The deep pigmentation found in these spices and additives can, over time, yellow your teeth.

Sweets It’s a well known fact that “sugar rots your teeth”, a saying you probably become very familiar with as a child. The reality of it is, however, that the most delicious foods in life like hard candy, cookies, lollies and all the other delicious and colourful sweets act as a food group for the bacteria in your mouth. When bacteria feeds away at the sugars, it releases acids that lead to darkening of the teeth.

Blueberries, Blackberries and Pomegranates Full of antioxidants and great for your health, these richly pigmented berries are no good for your teeth. Regardless of if they are eaten whole, mixed in a juice/smoothie or processed as jam, the same staining particles are present.

White wine Although red wine seems to be a more likely culprit, white wine has more staining qualities than red. Like coffee, white wine contains tannic acids. While both red and white wine have staining effects on your teeth, white wine is more acidic and so, it can have a much more disastrous effect on your teeth. Not only does it stain your teeth, but it is also more likely to absorb stains from anything else you are eating at the time.

Based on this, it looks like a curry with a bottle of wine and coffee flavoured chocolate mousse topped with blueberries for dessert is definitely off the menu! You can still enjoy these foods occasionally, however, be sure to continue your oral health upkeep with flossing, brushing and rinsing. If you wish to give your smile the ultimate shine, Smile Dental Clinics offer a range of effective tooth whitening options such as Philips Zoom, the number one requested teeth whitening system. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with Smile Dental Clinics today!

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