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Myths & Misconceptions

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There are many myths surrounding dental hygiene and visiting the dentist. . This is likely due to the high fear factor some people associate with visiting the dentist.

Unfortunately, the lack of awareness about important do’s and don’ts when it comes to protecting our teeth is a self-perpetuating cycle. The less we know, the higher the likelihood of a visit to the dentists will end in stern warnings, fillings or even the removal of teeth!

So how can this be avoided? It pays to be consistent with your dental check-ups! These help to reduce the likelihood of needing a more complex or emergency treatment down the track. Plus it could save you money!

There’s no need to fear when you visit Smile Dental Clinics. Our experts are dedicated, skilled, thorough and friendly. We are also up front about our fees and treatment options so you will always know the costs of your dental treatment. . If you are a new patient you will also be eligible for our $159 check up and clean offer which includes a full dental exam, clean and polish, fluoride treatment and $160 worth of FREE x-rays!.

This week on Facebook, we have been exploring the realm of dental myths, busting them open and revealing some interesting facts along the way. Visit our Facebook page to join in the conversation, you might learn something or be able to impart your knowledge and experiences on others!

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