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More than just a gap filler

A dental bridge is a popular treatment used to replace a missing tooth. A ‘bridge’ with an artificial tooth is set in place and anchored on the structurally sound surrounding teeth.

Unlike dentures, a dental bridge is not removable and offers a long term solution for a missing tooth.

Dental bridges provide an immediate cosmetic improvement to a smile, but their ability to help correct or prevent longer term issues related to teeth alignment and bite force is where they really make a difference.

Types of dental bridges

1. A Traditional Fixed Bridge

Extremely common and made by joining one or more ‘false’ teeth to two crowns positioned and secured on the teeth adjacent to the gap, or in some cases, surgically inserted dental implants.

2. A Resin-Bonded Bridge

Instead of being fixed to crowns, this bridge uses metal ‘wings’ which are secured to the back and either side of the anchoring teeth.

3. A Cantilever

A dental bridge that uses only one adjacent tooth to hold it in place.

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