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The ultimate tooth restoration

A dental crown is a custom, tooth shaped ‘cap’ that is bonded to a tooth to re-establish its integrity and appearance.

Dental crowns can provide a long term solution for restoring a tooth’s strength and use when it has become so badly damaged by decay or trauma that the remaining structure is no longer strong or substantial enough to hold a regular filling, inlay or onlay.

Dental crowns are also used to ‘cap’ a tooth after root canal therapy, to cosmetically fix the appearance of a misshaped tooth and provide a solid anchor point for a dental bridge.

Quality makes a difference

Modern dental crowns are made from a range of high quality materials that offer superior strength and durability:

1. A porcelain-bonded crown

A very effective crown that combines the strength of a metal base with a cosmetic covering of tooth-coloured porcelain.

2. A metal-free crown

Designed to offer the best cosmetic result, these crowns are able to reproduce the natural look of a tooth using ceramics, porcelain or composite resin

3. A full metal crown (usually made from gold)

Sometimes used for back teeth requiring a stronger bite capacity

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