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Sydney smiling for the launch of Smile Dental Clinics

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Sydney NSW– The latest dental news in Sydney is the launch of Smile Dental Clinics, a practice that aims to help the almost half of Australian individuals and families who haven’t been to the dentist in the past year. The practice is based around three core principles: transparency, affordability and convenience. Transparency – Trust and integrity are essential factors in choosing any healthcare provider. This is why Smile Dental Clinics will always be upfront about fees and treatment options. Above all, their dentists are dedicated to ensuring that patients are fully informed about their dental healthcare. Affordability – As cost is one of the key barriers for many Australians returning to the dentist, Smile Dental Clinics is dedicated to fair pricing without compromising on service. This is apparent in all pricing, particularly the offer of an initial check-up and clean for $159 (including full mouth OPG X-Rays, clean & polish, fluoride treatment and comprehensive dental exam). Convenience – Another key barrier to Australians returning to the dentist is convenience. Smile Dental Clinics is open seven days a week and offers after-work hours to ensure that no Australian’s dental hygiene suffers because they can’t find a good time to visit a clinic. Opening initially in Bondi Junction on Friday 27th June, Smile Dental Clinics is set to grow throughout Sydney and Australia over the years to come. With top-of-the-line equipment including an onsite OPG machine for full mouth panoramic x-rays that aid comprehensive dental diagnosis, Smile Dental Clinics can cater to both everyday dental needs as well as more specialist procedures. Wayne Troy, CEO of Smile Dental Clinics, has said: “Approximately 50% of Australian adults defer or delay going to the dentists primarily due to the high cost of treatment and a lack of convenience when it came to accessing services. This is a huge issue not only for an industry struggling to cope with fundamental structural changes, but also for the general health of the Australian population overall.” Smile Dental Clinics is committed to being a leader in making the changes to the business of dentistry that are necessary to provide all Australians with accessible, affordable and great quality service – as well as healthy teeth for life. Appointments can be made by phone at 02 8488 9986 or through the Smile Dental Clinics website, ###  
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