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Tips for brushing

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Every time you go to the dentist, the first thing they will ask is about your dental hygiene routine – and you always want to be able to impress them. These tips for brushing your teeth will make sure your smile is in tiptop shape all year round and in-between check ups.


The correct angle to brush at is 45 degrees against the direction of your teeth. Brush at an upward angle on your top teeth and downwards on the bottom teeth, making sure the brush is touching both the tooth and the gum line. Tilting the brush vertically will also help get those tough spots at the back.

Pick the right toothbrush

When choosing a toothbrush, take note of how sensitive your gums are. If they bleed when you brush them, it means the bristles are too hard or you’re brushing too vigorously. Take note to find one with a comfortable handle and a smaller head to get into the back teeth and give easier access to harder to reach areas. Also try and replace your brush every 3 months; if it’s worn, get a new one.

Appropriate motions

Depending on which part of your teeth you’re brushing, a particular motion or movement is most appropriate. For the front surfaces, slow circular motions will give you the best results. For the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, you’ll need to use back and forth movement to get a proper clean.

Getting into these good brushing habits are sure to keep your teeth whiter and your smile brighter.

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