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Veneers: what you need to know

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Dental veneers can be a great solution for chipped, broken, stained, worn or crooked teeth.

Imagine having a beautiful new smile magically appear after just a couple of visits to the dentist, and with our special offer of up to 40% off for 8 veneers, they are now more affordable than ever!

Our veneers are made from top of the line dental porcelain materials that mirror the properties of natural teeth, and we only use a top Australian lab so you can be assured of the quality. We can even make sure you will like the look of your new smile without altering a single tooth! As part of our veneer treatments we take a mould of your teeth which our lab uses to create a model of your new smile called a diagnostic wax up. The wax up allows you to see what the final result could look like and you can be actively involved in the design of your new smile.

Provided that you meet the required conditions, we also offer a five-year conditional warranty. All you need to do is keep up regular at home care including flossing and brushing, visit us at least every 6 months for a check-up and clean, and if you grind your teeth, you must wear a night splint to protect your smile. With the proper care, your veneers could have a lifespan of 10 or even 20 years!

And did we mention payment plans? Just in case you need it, we have partnered with Mac Credit to provide finance for all or part of your treatment for as little as $5 a day!

So what are you waiting for? Perfect your smile today!

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