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You wouldn’t believe the famous people who have had dental procedures!

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For many actors, singers, dancers, politicians, and athletes their faces are a vital element of selling their product. For actors in particular, a trustworthy, impressive and unforgettable smile can be all too important in scoring the lead role in an upcoming film.


Tom Cruise had discoloured and misaligned teeth before his career began. Cruise had his teeth whitened and straightened, but has now rumoured to have upgraded to a mouthful of veneers.

Hollywood heartthrob, Zac Efron, was not born with the smiling splendour girls swoon over. Prior to Disney stardom, Efron’s teeth were discoloured and uneven. Lucky for the female population of the world, Efron’s smile lands Efron acting jobs on a regular basis.

Nicholas Cage had his teeth removed to truly get into character for the 1984 film, “Birdy”. Since then, Cage has opted for a full set of veneers.


George Clooney has a full set of veneers assisting him in being one of the most handsome men in the world. However, this upgrade was not purely cosmetic. Clooney grinds his teeth as a side effect of stress!

Fashionista and former Spice Girls member, Victoria Beckham, is fabulous at living up to her nickname, ‘Posh’. However, her original uneven and wide gapped teeth were far from posh. Prior to stardom in the 1990’s, Beckham’s teeth were straightened and bonded.

50 Cent had gapped front teeth that were never an issue until another rapper made a remark about his gap in a song. 50 Cent had his gap removed, but reportedly told the dentist not to make his front teeth any smaller because he wanted to continue to “look like himself”.


As Hannah Montana evolved to the Miley Cyrus we know today, so did her pearly whites. Miley had crooked teeth as a teenager but after leaving the Disney Channel, she had her teeth straightened and whitened, necessary when you poke your tongue out in every photo!

The chipped tooth you see in Jim Carrey’s character in “Dumb and Dumber” is actually Carrey’s real tooth. Carrey has had his front tooth bonded years ago but regularly removed the bonding to amuse fans and play characters in his movies.

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